The Alacanzera Rise Again The Book

During a fascinating journey with his mystical Alacanzeran guides, Juan-Lopez discovers answers to unsolved mysteries that have challenged the human imagination for centuries.

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About the author

Dr. Amyn Dahya underwent a rich spiritual experience after a life threatening accident in Kashmir in 1987. He was subsequently blessed with a clarity of knowledge he knew needed to be shared widely, for happiness and empowerment.

He has penned his learning in 7 books, and 3 audios thus far, teaches meditation for self growth, healing and balance, and writes weekly quotes & thoughts to ponder.


Who should read this book?

"On November 19, 2003, Juan-Lopez, a young stock market trader from Madrid, enters a secret gateway in Venezuela’s Mount Avila and crosses into the world of the Alacanzera—an advanced civilisation that inhabited the earth thousands of years ago.
He is granted access to the Great Scrolls on Mount Sakhava, which reveal the year 2012 AD as a crucial turning point in the destiny of the Twelfth Civilisation — our present-day world."

This intro alone will woke anyone with a sense of adventure and a curious nature - you will find this book intriguing and exciting. Not only answering important questions about our life, but also inspiring a better, more fulfilled, peaceful life. This book will surprise and delight anyone in todays busy, stressed, technology-filled world.

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  • “This is an eye opener. It truly intrigued me and gave me a better way to view my own life.”

    Hannah Galisco
  • “This book really surprised me, it's not at all what I thought it was - positively surprised. Really."

    Kenan Saini
  • “I got quickly into the world of Juan and it was easy to imagine his adventures and experiences, a real joy to read.”

    Joan Wilkins

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On November 19, 2003, Juan-Lopez, a young stock market trader from Madrid, enters a secret gateway in Venezuela’s Mount Avila and crosses into the world of the Alacanzera—an advanced civilisation that inhabited the earth thousands of years ago.

During a fascinating journey with Ohumah and Oriana, his mystical Alacanzeran guides, Juan-Lopez discovers answers to unsolved mysteries that have challenged the human imagination for centuries. He is granted access to the Great Scrolls on Mount Sakhava, which reveal the year 2012 AD as a crucial turning point in the destiny of the Twelfth Civilisation—our present-day world. Those scrolls state: “The choice of whether the Twelfth Civilisation rises to great new heights of progress, or rapidly destroys itself, rests in the hands of each individual human being.”

The Alacanzera have risen again, to be our mentors as we approach the most important decisions we are ever going to make.

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----     Chapter 12     -----
Energy – From Earth to Universe

Excerpt from the book "The Alacanzera Rise Again" by Dr. Amyn Dahya

The day was drawing to an end, and the Great Sakhava still lay a long way ahead. The sun had set, leaving behind a clear night sky with millions of stars, alive and twinkling almost to a musical melody. The stars reminded Juan of the night the dolphins came to join the Alacanzera in celebration of the full moon.

Ohumah chose a spot where the three of them could rest for the night, in front of a pool of water that sparkled gently in the twilight. As Juan dipped his feet into the water, he felt the same powerful healing sensation that he had experienced at the first pool after crossing the gateway into the Alacanzera world. Ohumah and Oriana followed suit and sat peacefully with their eyes closed and feet immersed, gratefully receiving the blessings of Mother Water. Juan had forgotten his own world and had now merged into the Alacanzeran way of life.

After what felt like an eternity, Juan opened his eyes to find that Oriana and Ohumah had prepared dinner from the fruits, vegetables and herbs that they had picked up along the way. They ate in silence. Juan savoured the lightly cooked vegetables one bite at a time, as if trying to lock their flavour into his memory forever. He watched Oriana graciously dining in the twilight and could not help but notice how beautiful she was. His attraction towards her was spiritual rather than sexual—a completely new experience for him that had seemed puzzling at first.

In the short time the three had spent together, Juan had learned a great deal about the Alacanzera. Ohumah had been like his right hand and Oriana his left. As beings, they had merged into each other; their souls had woven together with threads of endless love. Juan recalled how warmly he had been welcomed into every Alacanzeran home. Leaving this divine world of love was going to be difficult. . . .

Ohumah, Oriana and Juan sat in meditation in a circle that had been drawn and prepared by Ohumah using his Abuoya staff Once Juan had fully connected with the Alacanzeran Consciousness in the meditation, he began to see beautiful and elaborate visions—pyramids slowly rising from a flat ground and aspiring into tall, magnificent structures. He saw them rise in Egypt, Mexico, the Andes Mountains and a number of other places. Through his newly acquired power of telepathy, he asked Ohumah what these visions meant, and was told that it was now time for him to learn about Alacanzeran science. This was knowledge that could benefit Juan’s civilisation immensely in the wake of what was to come in the year 2012 and beyond.

After the meditation, the three of them entered into a discussion on energy sources that had been harnessed by the Alacanzerans.

“As you will have recognised by now,” Ohumah began, “the Alacanzeran civilisation is highly sophisticated in applied science. We have perfected the application of energy sources from this planet and the universe in a wide range of dimensions and forms.”

With growing curiosity, Juan asked, “Please tell me about the energy sources that keep your world functioning.”

Ohumah winked at Juan. “Once again, if I tell you, I will have to kill you! Maverick is everywhere! If he finds out about our energy sources he will rule the world. Your civilisation has elected actors and comedians to positions of power time and again, with mixed results. But this one, Juan Lopez, is pushing your luck!”

Juan, now used to Ohumah’s sense of humour, quickly replied, “How does one push luck? It is not a cart!”

Smiling at Juan’s comeback, Oriana took up the discussion. “Juan Lopez, we have been endowed with the ability to harness solar energy, lunar energy, starlight energy, electro-harmonic fields, wave resonance energy, sonic energy, gravitational displacement forces and the intelligence fields of water.”

“My dear Oriana, teach me about these energy sources,” Juan pleaded.

Ohumah smiled at Oriana. “Go ahead. Teach our money boy about energy and make his world a more dangerous place!”

Solar Energy

Oriana looked at Juan with an earnest expression. “Harnessing solar energy efficiently is the cornerstone of our science. We know and understand the sun and all its nutritive energies at both spiritual and scientific levels. From a spiritual perspective, we recognise that the energy of the sun, which is based on fusion (that is, the coming together of energy resources), is completely in harmony with our Consciousness of Unity and Oneness. Our entire way of life is defined and governed by this Consciousness of Unity.

“You see, Juan Lopez, the earth was a part of the sun at one time. It split from its parent and flowed away in the form of an energy entity, which then transformed into matter. Our science draws a great deal of strength from the bond that exists between the sun and the earth, because the life energy flows from the parent to the offspring. To us, the life energy that comes from the sun is the most sacred energy of all, because it possesses every form of nourishment needed to sustain life. This is the fundamental premise of our scientific understanding of solar energy.”

Ohumah added, “We can precisely define each key energy band and level within the sunlight and are able to harness its specific properties in order to achieve our scientific objectives. Most of the sun’s energy bands are not visible to the naked eye; they include high-powered, focused energy waves and pulses with specific capabilities of creating resonances within crystals. These resonances form trigger points for catalysing energy storage, transfer, conversion and emission processes in the crystalline matrix.”

“When you say ‘crystals,’ do you mean the kind of crystals that we wear as jewellery in our world?” Juan asked.

“Yes at a visual level and no at a scientific level,” replied Ohumah. “We have a vast base of scientific knowledge pertaining to crystals and how to engineer their multidimensional surfaces to achieve the desired performance from them. We will teach you all about the Crystal Age before you return to your world.”

Juan felt sad at the mention of having to return to his world, and became suddenly introspective. A moment later when he looked back at Ohumah, he said, “Sorry for the interruption. You were telling me about the solar energy bands and how you use crystalline matrices to manipulate them. Please continue.”

“Juan Lopez, you are becoming very polite in your old age!” Ohumah kidded. “As I was saying, we work with the invisible higher-level and the visible lower-level energy bands in sunlight. These bands, or levels, represent the key driving forces in nature, particularly with respect to plant growth, agriculture, maintaining a balance between saline and sweet-water resources, and transformation of matter into a multitude of forms. The low-level energy bands also serve to catalyse different types of energy receipt, storage, transfer and discharge processes within crystalline matrices. In this way we can achieve perfect light, resonance and heat generation, transfer and emission from solar energy, simply and with maximum efficiency.”

Juan, a little bemused, tried his best to conceal his ignorance.

“Don’t worry, Juan Lopez,” Ohumah said with a knowing smile. “All this will make sense to you as you learn more about the science that underlies our utilisation of energy sources. At this stage, just understand that the energy of the sun has numerous bands. We can isolate each of the bands by using crystals and are then able to use their properties to store and release light, heat and other energetic forms such as pulses, resonances and multiple harmonics.”

Oriana looked at Juan. “We use solar energy fully in all aspects of our lives. This is definitely a viable option for your world to adopt. We are confident that you will take back our knowledge of crystals to your scientists and researchers and give them the inspiration to develop techniques to fully harness solar energy and then use it in all aspects of your lives.”

“Oriana, you speak as though you are not planning to return with me,” Juan said.

Oriana looked at Ohumah, who nodded gently. “Maybe I will return with you and maybe I won’t. It all depends on how you are able to share our living Consciousness with your world. We wish to save your civilisation from the catastrophes that could ensue after the year 2012. If my returning with you will help in this regard, then I shall join you. We’ll see, Juan Lopez. And please don’t look so sad, because I will live within you every moment of your existence, whether I am with you physically or not. So there will be no parting between us.”

Juan complained, “Oriana, you say that you will live within me, but why can’t you do that while being with me physically? And what about Pepe and your family? Surely it will not be easy for them. Please come back with me, Oriana . . . please!”

Ohumah looked at the sad Juan. “If it is so important to you that Oriana returns, then so be it. She has the power to live in both worlds, and so it shall be!”

Surprised at the strength of his emotions, Juan, in a broken voice, replied, “At least your grammar is getting worse the longer you hang around with me!”

Ohumah quipped. “Isn’t that how you barbarically execute criminals in your world, by hanging them? Oh, you have actually become more scientific these days. You generously donate a huge voltage of electricity now! If your people learn how to use our crystal science, I bet they will develop even more sophisticated execution methods. That is why we have kept you in ignorance so far!”

“Juan Lopez, we have also perfected the science of using lunar energy,” Oriana interjected. “This is the next logical step for scientific research in your world.”

Lunar Energy

“How do you use lunar energy?” Juan asked, an intrigued look on his face. “Isn’t it too weak a source for transmission?”

“That’s the problem with your kind,” retorted Ohumah. “You immediately think of transmission of energy in terms of thick, long, ugly cables. That’s pre – Stone Age technology, my friend. If you were to be visited by our intelligent counterparts elsewhere in the universe, they would be deeply humoured by how you transmit energy. It is almost like using square wheels on a cart!”

Oriana began. “Lunar energy is based on reflected energy of the sun. We possess a detailed definition of the moon and all its key features. You see, Juan Lopez, the moon acts as a ‘filter’ to extract some of the dominant and obvious energy bands of the sun, while permitting the more subtle and low-level energies to be delivered to the earth. During the daytime, these important low-level energy bands are overshadowed and, in some cases, deactivated by the higher-level energy bands of the sun. The position of the moon and its angle with respect to the earth determines the types and intensities of energy bands that are transmitted to the earth, during every stage of the lunar cycle.

“We draw upon these lunar energy bands using our crystal technology and our intimate knowledge of how lunar energy impacts the earth’s gravitational, electromagnetic and harmonic modulation fields. Through crystalline matrices, we create low-level electronic fields from lunar energy, which serve as the control mechanisms for a number of our energy management activities. Juan Lopez, lunar energy influences the evolutionary processes in all land, aquatic and aerial life forms. Lunar energy facilitates the order and rearrangement of the key genetic building blocks of living organisms, which you call DNA. Our definition and understanding of DNA is much more detailed than your current understanding. The energy bands in lunar energy are of a low enough level to engage directly with the harmonic energy that sustains DNA. We harness and use these low-level energies in most aspects of our lives.”

Ohumah took over. “Lunar energy interacts with thought patterns and waves in the minds of advanced living organisms. Our sense of telepathy enables us to use this energy fully with respect to ‘information flow’ within living organisms. In your world, you have a limited recognition of lunar energy. You know that people and animals behave differently during full moon periods and that the tides in the ocean are also affected by the position of the moon. However, we Alacanzerans harness lunar energy with the same level of importance as we do direct solar energy.”

Juan responded, “Based on your explanation of lunar energy, is it feasible that in our world, changes in the lunar energy flow caused by atmospheric pollution, global warming and degeneration of the ozone layer of the earth may be partly responsible for diseases such as cancer and genetic disorders? I believe that further research in this area would certainly be warranted.”

“That’s quite an observation for a money boy from Madrid. You are becoming wiser by the second, Juan Lopez!” quipped Ohumah.

Ignoring the remark, Oriana replied, “Absolutely yes!” “This understanding needs to permeate into the conscience of the world’s leaders, so that they may be able to set aside their economic and political agendas in favour of protecting the current and future generations of your world. And you, Juan Lopez, are going to make them aware of it.”

“In addition to solar and lunar energy,” Oriana continued, “there is starlight energy, which we also use to a great extent.”

Starlight Energy

“How does one use starlight energy?” Juan asked. “I mean, it is such a distant concept.”

“Of course it is a distant concept,” responded Ohumah. “Stars are far way, man, very far away! You people are masters at stating the obvious!”

Oriana, who did not wish to participate in the joke, added, “We view the stars as cosmic bodies that are an external manifestation of the order in which knowledge is stored and managed within the minds of intelligent life forms. We view stars as distant suns and moons that reflect energy at wavelengths and pulse rates equal to ‘thought energy,’ which resides in the minds of intelligent creatures. Knowledge, which is the outcome of this thought energy, is equivalent to the life energy that flows through all living forms from the Origin, or the Source of creation. To us Alacanzerans, knowledge is ‘Light.’ This understanding is embedded within us at a spiritual and scientific level. It is important for you to understand that in the Alacanzeran way of life, science and spirituality are totally fused, one being an integral part of the other.”

Ohumah interjected. “In your world you wrestle with this very important issue since you consider science as factual, and spirituality as abstract. We Alacanzerans consider essence, which is spiritual, as being the defining force that gives character to a form, which is material. Hence, science and spirituality are indeed an integral part of one another.

“Currently your civilisation studies the stars from an astrological point of view because some of you believe that there is a connection between the stars, human life and knowledge. Your astrology also teaches you that stars define, to a certain extent, specific human characteristics and personality traits.”

Oriana added, “We Alacanzerans know that the purpose of life is to attain knowledge, and that this knowledge comes from experience. According to our way of thinking, what you call destiny is, in fact, a process of experiencing life and gaining knowledge, or Light. Since the stars are dimensions of this knowledge, they have a direct bearing on human knowledge and experience—and what you call destiny. This is in fact the basis of astrology as you know it today.”

“We use starlight energy in our crystal technology to deliver ultra-low-level energy bands when required,” Ohumah interjected. “These bands serve as activators for storage and release of energy within specific planes of crystalline structures, which you will learn more about later. Our use of starlight energy in this regard is similar to the way you use low-level energy in your world to drive instruments, like the instrumentation that you use in oil refineries. They are driven by low-ampere signals, which in turn engage and activate larger devices. We use starlight energy in the form of low-level pulses that cause larger outcomes from crystalline energy reservoirs.

“Our calendar, which is based on Cosmic Cycles, also relies on specific positions of stars and cosmic bodies. Our calendar reflects the energetic aspects of Cosmic Cycles rather than any fixed intervals of what you call time. Therefore it would be fair to say that starlight energy and stars in the universe are important elements in our way of life.”

“I don’t know much about your calendar,” replied Juan. "Please enlighten me, my dear friend.”

“Patience, young man, patience,” Ohumah replied. “We will teach you about it in good time.”

Electro-harmonic Fields

For Juan this was an amazing conversation. He was learning about concepts that would be considered science fiction in his world. But it was all making sense because there was a logical relationship that existed between the different energy sources. Oriana looked fondly at Juan as she read his thoughts. “They will have you psychiatrically examined when you go back and tell them what you have learned from us!”

Ohumah laughed. “Psychiatric examination! That’s a rather daft term, isn’t it? I mean, how can an ignorant mind assess another ignorant mind? Who is to decide which one of the two is more ignorant? You people can be hilarious. You sit on soft leather couches and talk about what is going on in your mind. While that is okay, I have serious reservations about how the listener is decoding what he or she is hearing. I mean, which textbook can teach you to decode things that are so deep? The weakest link in such a process is the choice of questions asked. These too come from a textbook, which to us is only one individual’s opinion, but your people have a habit of making them into gospels. I mean, this man Freud, whom you all consider a guru of psychology, was himself a pretty confused individual. He was the proprietor of some brain cells that were warped, to say the least! Juan Lopez, in your world, the ignorant follow the confused towards greater confusion!”

“Well, dear friend,” replied Juan, “when you come to our world, I will personally reserve a seat for you on one of those comfortable couches!”

“You forget, Juan Lopez, that I am telepathic. I would disappear the very instant the idea crossed your mind!”

Oriana maintained her earnest composure; she did not see any humour in making fun of psychiatry, a science she was familiar with. She believed that it served an important purpose in society. Attempting to change the subject, she said, “Juan Lopez, you can see the relationships that exist between solar, lunar and starlight energy. Another dimension of energy lies in the electro-harmonic fields. The earth rotates at a specific velocity and vector, which generates energy in the form of electromagnetic fields. Each of these fields manifests in separate harmonic states, in solid matter, water, air and the outer atmospheric ‘skin’ of the planet, at atomic and sub-atomic levels. These fields, integrated into one another, create a harmonic state, within which manifests a range of practically usable energies. These energies are fusion-based, like the sun, and multidimensional in nature.

“We work with each specific dimension of an electro-harmonic field through the use of crystal science. We receive, store, transform and emit electro-harmonic energy in the same way as we do solar and lunar energy. We construct crystals that emit light continuously, without any visible external energy sources, by making use of these electro-harmonic fields. You may be aware that crystalline lamps have been discovered in several places in your world, such as in the Egyptian archaeological remains as well as in ancient Maya Indian structures, but attempts by scientists of your world to investigate the source of the energy that illuminated these crystal lamps resulted in their light being extinguished permanently.”

Juan was intrigued. “I can vaguely remember reading somewhere about such lamps, but I dismissed all that as heresy. Are you saying that there is truth to these so-called myths?”

Oriana smiled. “Many such lamps have been discovered but damaged by naïve archaeologists and scientists, who failed to report their mishaps. You see, Juan Lopez, these crystal lamps can emit light on a permanent basis, as long as the earth continues to rotate. The crystalline matrices receive, amplify and convert electro-harmonic energies into gentle and uniform light. The uniformity of this light comes from the harmonic organisation of the electronic energies. In many ways, this light resembles the lunar light in terms of its ultimate expression. In subsequent civilisations, these crystal lamps were often used in places where solar energy could not be readily accessed, for example, inside the pyramids. Juan Lopez, there is an enclave of beings that live in a deep, hidden valley of the Himalayan mountains that still use crystalline lamps to this day. They will not likely be discovered by your civilisation anytime soon, because they have the power of Oneness and the sense of telepathy, which protect them.”

Fascinated, Juan replied, “Oriana, I can imagine the infinite number of possibilities that would come about in our world if we could capture the essence of this science. I have always believed that the earth rotates to keep everything together. But of course, its rotation must also emit energies. It makes perfect sense!”

“Juan Lopez,” interrupted Ohumah, “when we look at a planet, we recognise its qualities at material, energetic and spiritual planes. This is indeed our state of mind. You need to introduce this concept into your world without being branded a hippie! Well, that’s a challenge you will have to face. Worst case, they will throw shrivelled flowers at you. Best case, they will start opening up their intellect towards broader dimensions of science, which encapsulates a completely holistic approach.”

Wave Resonance Energy

Juan, soaking up the knowledge being directed at him, looked into the starlit sky and smiled. He had always felt that out there lay secrets the world had been blind to. Reading his thoughts, Ohumah said, “In your history, you will find that the people who came up with totally revolutionary ideas, such as our friend Galileo, were chastised from ignorant religious orders or by societies whose political powers lay in keeping the masses blind. Religious orders felt threatened because they drew a distinct line between science and spirituality. They attributed the unexplained to God and used the power of the unexplained to instil awe and fear into people’s minds. Yet, as you can see, we the Alacanzerans, who are your ancestors, lived by very different principles. We do not accept the unexplained because knowledge must be whole in order to have powers of illumination, and so far, there is nothing in our world that we consider to be unexplained. We live with open minds. That is what is sorely lacking in your world.”

Juan nodded. “I agree. I have always been puzzled by our history and the hostile response people gave to scientific discoveries. Of course, as a child in Córdoba, I always got into trouble for saying things that my teachers branded as blasphemy.”

Ohumah laughed. “If you think what you said as a child was branded as blasphemy, prepare yourself for what is to come when you return to your world, because when people hear what you have to say, the word blasphemy will take on a brand-new definition! You will need to have a very thick skin, Juan Lopez. But fear not, for we will be with you to help open up the human consciousness to the level of the Alacanzera. This is the only way your civilisation will survive, post-2012.”

Oriana was ready to teach Juan about wave resonance energy.

“As you can see, Juan Lopez, we the Alacanzerans live close to large water sources, such as the ocean and free-flowing rivers. This is because we rely to a great extent on wave resonance energy. This energy is produced when waves (or ripples) of water are in motion, causing a displacement in the molecular structure of the air that is in contact with the waves. This displacement takes the form of a resonance, which is similar to a ball that is continuously bouncing between two walls. Through crystalline matrices, we pick up this resonance energy, amplify or reduce its intensity, and transmit it to other crystalline matrices that may be a long distance away. We use these resonances, which manifest in the form of pulses, to activate or deactivate the release of energies that are stored within crystals.

“A good example of how we use this energy is in the way we illuminate our homes. At the apex of the conical roof of each home we place a fused crystalline structure that receives and stores solar energy. We then release this energy from the crystalline matrix in the form of light, by introducing wave-resonance energy, transmitted from a distant crystal, which serves as an activator. In some ways, our use of wave resonance energy is comparable to how you use remote-control signals to activate televisions and other electrical devices. However, even though we can use lower-energy electronic signals to activate larger releases of electronic signals, we cannot cause the release of vast amount of stored solar energy from a crystal without applying a very specific low-level energy that must be in the form of a steady pulse. This pulse, Juan Lopez, comes from wave resonance energy.”

Oriana continued. “We Alacanzerans recognise that the resonance energy created by waves and flowing water (in circular vortices) is used by nature to govern a whole range of very subtle processes, for example, transpiration in plants. In this case, the wave resonance energy that is present in air causes the creation of super-fine vortices in the humidity layer that immediately surrounds a leaf. This introduces latent energy into the humidity layer, which causes the water to evaporate from the surface of the leaf in a manner that creates a ‘pull’ or driving force, which draws more water from the stem or branch (xylem) towards the leaf. Wave-resonance energy is also used in nature to catalyse changes in the states of water, based upon its temperature and energy content. The processes of evaporation, freezing and maintenance of the fluid state of water are always supported in nature by wave resonance energy. Because of this, a close study of the formation of ice on a mountain top as opposed to in an electric freezer will show that the kinetics of the two processes is different, even though the end product appears similar to the naked eye.”

Amazed, Juan responded, “Research in wave resonance energy is likely to open up exciting new scientific horizons in our world. This is a field that requires open-minded scientists who can think ‘outside the box,’ because what they will be searching for does not currently exist in any of our textbooks, nor does it follow our conventional ‘laws’ of science.”

Ohumah smiled. “Juan Lopez, in science there can be no laws, for science is an open-ended search without any boundaries. A scientist is an explorer. Therefore scientific laws limit exploration to within the boundaries imposed by such laws. This is a difficult concept for you people to understand, but the sooner you accept this way of thinking, the quicker you will develop as a civilisation and achieve true progress. Just as religious orders slowed human progress in the past, you will find that rigid scientific minds will attempt to create barriers against this type of understanding. The good news is that such minds will not prevail because one cannot impede the development of human intellect forever.”

Sonic Energy

Oriana, Ohumah and Juan sat in silence under the starlit sky. Their conversation had been deep and Juan had managed to absorb a great deal. While Oriana and Ohumah would have been happy to go to sleep at that moment, Juan craved more; he wanted to stay up all night. He looked at Ohumah. “What other energy forms do you harness?”

Ohumah winked at Oriana. “Sleep energy! We snore a great deal and that gets our batteries charged! Shall we explore this source of energy now?”

Oriana laughed. “Don’t worry about him, Juan Lopez. That is his way of saying he wants to go to bed.”

Ohumah snapped back, “A bed is not a place to go to, is it? It’s not like Rome or Mumbai, is it? You people must be bored in your world to go to a place called bed!”

Oriana winked back. “I am of both the worlds—aren’t I, my dear one?”

“Could have fooled me,” Ohumah chuckled. “I don’t know of any Alacanzeran that goes to a place called bed!”

It was clear that Ohumah wanted to go to sleep. Oriana smiled at Juan and put her arm around him. “I will talk to you, Juan Lopez. Let our dear friend rest while I tell you all about sonic energy.”

Oriana continued. “We harness the vast reservoirs of sonic energy that exist in nature, such as sound that is generated by water as it flows in rivers, or as it reaches the shores of the oceans; the sound of wind as it blows past open fields, trees and physical structures; the sound of the human voice and that of all creatures in nature; and non-audible sonic waves and pulses that flow between cosmic bodies in the universe. We separate the sonic energy bands with precision, once again using crystals. We particularly work with bands that are not audible to the human ear. You see, Juan Lopez, we use sonic energy extensively in agriculture, to promote healthy plant growth while keeping our agriculture free from parasites without destroying any living organisms. This approach actually discourages the very formation of parasitic elements. Hence we do not need to destroy what has not been formed in the first place. We also use sonic energy bands to store information within crystals, which empowers the crystalline matrices to perform their specific scientific functions. This is particularly necessary when working with matrices that are constructed from the fusion of a variety of different crystals into one mother crystal.

“We often use wave resonance energy to manipulate and refine sonic energy. We receive, store, transform and emit sonic energy extensively, through the use of crystals. We regularly use sonic-energy emissions to serve as beacons for our intelligent counterparts in the universe.”

Juan added, “So, apart from its use in agriculture and communication, sonic energy is also used to integrate the energy flow when constructing and using single or compound crystalline matrices, right?”

Oriana smiled warmly. “Yes, Juan Lopez. You are very observant! I am sure you will agree that it would take time for me to teach you the technical aspects of sonic energy, but you have certainly grasped the basic concept.”

Juan smiled back. “If I stay with you long enough, I may even become smarter than Albert Einstein!”

Oriana paused and then added, “Einstein only made four of the billions of discoveries that await to be made. You, my dear hero, can do better than that!”

Gravitational Displacement Energy

“The last form of energy that we use is gravitational displacement energy,” Oriana continued. “You see, we are in constant contact with our intelligent counterparts elsewhere in the universe, who live in life-hosting cosmic bodies that are governed by varying levels of gravitational forces. For example, the moon’s gravitational force is only one-sixth of the earth’s. Hence a 60-kilogram individual on earth would weigh only approximately 10 kilograms on the moon. We harness significant potential energy resources by working with the varying levels of gravitational forces between different bodies of matter.

“We are intimately familiar with the science of the earth’s rotation. Hence we use centrifugal forces with vectors to create displacements in the gravitational fields associated with different bodies of matter. We use this technique to transport large and heavy objects over great distances and heights, with minimal effort. This is how subsequent civilisations were able to build enormous structures, like the great pyramids in Egypt and other places.”

Fascinated once again, Juan asked, “How exactly does gravitational displacement energy work? How were the pyramids really built?

“We will clarify that when our dear Ohumah wakes up,” Oriana replied. “He can explain it better than I can. However, suffice to say that gravitational displacement energy is one of the most important mechanisms of transport in our civilisation. When you look at flying saucers in your science-fiction movies, they actually exemplify the principle of creating motion through displacement and re-creation of a gravity field around the saucer, using rotational (centrifugal) energy. So flying saucers are simplistic illustrations of physical circular motions. We the Alacanzerans create gravitational fields using crystals that do not manifest in visual rotations such as those that you see in your sci-fi flying saucers. Our science of creating gravitational displacement forces goes beyond your simplistic science-fiction impressions.”

Trying to impress Oriana with his understanding, Juan replied, “So, in essence, you use crystals to create apparent gravitational fields around heavy objects. Hence you simulate the gravity of the moon, for example, and that reduces the weight of the object within this simulated space, thus enabling you to lift it with ease.”

Amazed, Oriana replied, “Yes, Juan Lopez. That’s absolutely correct. Of course, you need to understand crystal technology better to be able to understand how simple it is to simulate apparent gravitational fields. We can even do the reverse and make light objects very heavy in the fields, thus preventing them from being blown away by the winds, for instance.”

Juan smiled. “If we on earth could simulate gravitational fields, we would never need to go on a diet!”

“No matter how little you weighed, you would still look horizontally challenged!” replied Oriana.

She continued. “We also use gravitational displacement as a tool to harvest and separate different types of crystals from the earth. We extract our crystals from the earth without digging vast holes like you do in mining. We use the power of gravitational displacement and centrifugal, vector-driven forces to enable precise and surgical extraction of crystals from the earth’s rock matrix. Since crystal science is the cornerstone of our civilisation, and no pun intended, such capabilities are essential in accessing the crystalline resources without causing excessive disruption to the earth’s surface. This science of precision extraction gives a completely new definition to the word mining. In your mining practices, you move inordinate amounts of material to extract minute quantities of an end product. For example, you sometimes have to displace one tonne of rock in order to obtain one gram of gold. A necklace containing twenty grams of gold requires the movement of twenty tonnes of rock, which is equivalent to the size of a large articulated truck that you typically see on motorways. You have to move a whole mountain to make a hundred necklaces! One has to ask, ‘Is there not a better way to mine?’ You have much to learn!”

Juan responded, “Scientific research in the field of gravitational displacement could open up a new universe of potent energy resources to our world. It would also reduce pollution and increase efficiencies in everything we do.”

With one eye open, Ohumah, who had been listening to the entire conversation, said, “You are not quite there yet, Einstein!”

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